Equitable Plan Sevices Inc.
Third Party Administrators

Founded on the commitment to give businesses new ideas and solutions to immediate problems, Equitable Plan Services (EPS) has firmly established itself as a leader in managing and administering health benefits, medical claims and workers’ compensation programs. In fact, EPS provides essential management and administrative support to top companies and businesses of all sizes in Oklahoma and around the nation—making it one of the strongest claims management and administrative companies in the Southwest. EPS continues to grow by delivering all the advantages outsourcing has to offer, staying on top of industry trends and, most importantly, listening carefully to clients and meeting their specific goals by tailoring health benefits plans (HMOs, PPOs, EPOs traditional-fee-for-service or combinations). Their experience, proficiency and scope of services add value to your benefits package.

If you’re looking for a company specializing in claims management, health benefits and administration to help lead your business into the future, turn to the one that shaped the last 2 and a half decades—Equitable Plan Services.