Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide fast, confidential, accurate, lawful and supportive administrative service to our clients, their employees and all others who are involved with the employee benefit plans that we administer.”

With EPS, you’ll find a group of professionals dedicated to excellence with years of experience in the management and administration of health benefits, medical claims and workers’ compensation programs, both fully insured and self-funded.

You’ll appreciate support personnel who know the value of service. EPS knows you expect a claims management and administration company that can do more than just efficiently process and pay claims. You expect the added value of a competent partner—one that will analyze the process, ferret out hidden risks and opportunities, look after your interests and service your employees. EPS’ expertise in managing information, measuring risk and analyzing costs qualifies them as your best choice partner in this demanding and expanding industry.

The philosophy of EPS is to be proactive so you don’t have to be reactive. By actively working files, skillfully measuring risk and, when necessary, intervening to negotiate mutually fair settlements, based on verifiable and reliable evidence, EPS keeps your costs under control.