Our 24-hour toll-free automated customer service information line provides easy access to benefit and claims information.

  • It’s free!
  • It’s fast!
  • It’s convenient!
  • It’s available 24 hours a day seven days a week!

Callers respond to prompts using a touch-tone phone.

Customer Service Representatives are available 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central time.


405-755-2929, Option 1,1

or toll-free

1-800-749-2631, Option 1,1


Have this information available when you place your call:

  • Federal tax ID number
  • Plan participant’s Social Security number
  • Fax number, including area code

Following the initial greeting, as soon as you know which menu item you wish to select, you may press the appropriate number without waiting for the system to complete its explanation.

The information provided by Fax Recall is not a guarantee of payment or eligibility. Benefits will be considered based upon eligibility and Plan Document provisions once a claim is received.

The information provided is a general summary of benefits available under the plan and is not intended to be used as an authorization of services. Not every charge or type of service is covered. Benefits are subject to all plan terms, definitions, limitations and exclusions in effect on the date of service. This includes any limitation or exclusion relating medical necessity or charges in excess of usual and reasonable charges. Eligibility for coverage depends on the employee’s and/or dependent’s current employment, marital, dependent, disability status. The information provided is based on the most-current information we have available from the employer, but may not include changes in
status that may be known to the employee or dependent. Benefits and eligibility are subject to change without notice to you. Summays are provided without knowledge of the diagnosis or type of treatment you plan to provide.